Thursday, November 29, 2012

My first time shopping at Daiso!~

(─▽─)╭ So I finally went to Daiso for the first time, and I was surprised by all the cute things they had! I couldn't help but drool over everything. This is why I love going to asian stores/supermarkets. Everything was adorable and I wanted to buy out the entire store if I could. They things I bought were good quality, which is a bit of a shock considering it was a dollar store. I spent $14 in total for everything~ I want to go back as soon as possible. ^^ (I spent two and a half hours just looking around.)  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Green Tea for a Face Fix-Up ♬♩~

I tried using a few natural masks on my face to improve my complexion, some worked, some haven't and others are too messy. I am absolutely obsessed with green tea and I brew myself a cup every single day, so I ended up dabbing on some of it on my face every morning.

I would use either fresh tea leaves or matcha powder in the morning to apply on my face (I don't trust teabags..) using a cotton pad or a compressed sheet mask. I dip the cotton pad into my cup and dab it all over my face, wait for it to dry, and then apply more. Afterwards, I put on essence and moisturizer to seal it in. If I used a sheet mask, I leave it on for 15 minutes or until it dries completely.

 Surprisingly, within a month, I saw amazing results. It cleared a lot of my acne, prevented me from breaking out as easily and it helps me wake up in the morning. Be careful not to burn yourself if you try this out, I have.. at least once or twice. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Summer Haul + Etude House Review~

I got lots of goodies~ both snacks and beauty products. I also got some cute iPhone cases, accessories, and everything I bought is so cute, it's addicting- I need moreee! I need to shop on ebay soon to fill all my cute cravings. (◕‿◕✿)

The beauty products I bought was from cosmetic-love. Since it was my first time buying from them, I tried my best to not spend a lot. I only managed to get three beauty products from Etude House that I want to review on~ The website is fairly easy to use and it has free shipping! However, it took an entire month for the package to come in. While waiting for it, I was getting uneasy thinking I got scammed, but I was relieved once the package got to my door. It's a safe site, it just takes FOREVER to ship. I usually buy at sasa, but you have to spend quite a lot of money in order to get the free shipping deal. 

The first picture is of the Etude House Cookie Blusher. I'm a sucker for cute packaging so that was the main reason I bought it.. however the blush is very pigmented and comes in an array of colors from deep pink to apricot and peach. I use it on a daily basis~

The second picture is of the Etude House Tear Eye Liner in tan. I do not know how I could live without it, it brightens up the eyes and gives you more of a kpop look. Highly pigmented and long-lasting, but it can easily come off if you touch your eyes once or twice.

The third picture is the Etude House Gel Liner. Their other gel liner was discontinued, so I was forced to give this a try.. but I was not disappointed at all! For $9, it's just as good or better than the more expensive MAC and Bobbi Brown ones I own. It is smudge-proof and water-proof, but doesn't bade well with oil so I need to use a primer even when I don't use eyeshadow~