Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cosplay Ideas?~

I went to AX last summer for all 4 days with my best friend, and we were so hyped to cosplay every single day!.. the only problem was that we bought the tickets 2 weeks beforehand. I doubted we could make 4 outfits for each of us, making it 8 in total.. and I was right. (´ ェ`) We only managed to have an outfit each, but had fun nonetheless, cosplay or no cosplay. 

The next AX is months away but now that we know for sure we'll be going next year, we need to plan ahead.Maid costumes are a must. I just love cute maid outfits with lace and curled hair and big, innocent eyes. I sketched out some quick ideas on how I should put the entire thing together~ Long sleeves or short sleeves, puffy sleeves or lace sleeves, apron with pockets or apron without pockets, apron with heart shaped pockets or square shaped pockets? I didn't know I had to focus on so much details but I want it to be perfectttt. Aside from maid costumes I need to think of 3 more for myself and start sewing right away! 

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