Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pacific Islander Festival~

I went to the Pacific Islander Festival (PIFA) for the first time even though it's their 19th year of hosting it. (´ε` ) The sun was the absolute worst-- good thing I brought sunglasses for once because I never usually bring them with me-- I'm just too forgetful for my own good.  My best friend today was the 100SPF sunscreen! I didn't sunburn at all but I tanned a bit.. I've never driven up to the bay area so I got a bit lost even when I was using a GPS... but I found my way around once I saw the edge of the water~ 

My friend and I arrived at 12 and we were both starving by then. We browsed through the clothing booths for a few minutes but all we had on our mind was food~ We ordered barbeque chicken at a small korean food booth-- some of the orders got mixed up because they gave us double the amount of food instead. As much as I love food, I knew I wouldn't finish it and someone out there is hungry, too! For the price.. it wasn't as delicious as I thought it'd be but it filled me up at least. There was a dessert booth that sold funnel cakes and snow cones that were three times the size of my hand! I haven't ate funnel cake in over a year so I ran straight to the front until I realized the line extended halfway across the field.. meaning there was over 40 people in line. I wanted to wait until the line got smaller but it never did. Half an hour later, out popped a funnel cake with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and strawberries into my hand. The cake tasted like heaven~ it was worth $6. 

So after having my fill of food, I walked around the booths. Rings, bracelets, floral headbands, snapbacks and more!.. but I couldn't afford any, hehe. One shop sold a collection of sterling silver rings. The queen and king crowns would make the cutest couple rings ever! 

 My chipped nails are embarrassing~

I saw a booth with a few boulders circling around and a man holding a 162 pound rock on his shoulder walking back and forth across the field. I could feel the *thump* on the ground whenever he dropped it. 

OH. I found this weirdly interesting book. It has soooo much slang and accent that it looks like a different language if you stray your eyes far enough~

The stage for the perfomances were a bit small but it didn't matter. The girls and guys who filled up the stage had amazing bodies, hehe. And when the little kids went up to dance I couldn't stop chanting "cute, cute, cute, cute" in my head. Now I want to sign up for tahitian dancing! It looks sexy and fun~ 

The sun was directly in my face for over an hour so my friend and I walked towards the edge of the festival, removed our shoes and walked to the bay. The sand was softer and less grainy compared to beaches and there wasn't seaweed lying on the floor either. I dipped my feet in and took selcas when knee deep in the water. *shameless* It's a good thing I wore short shorts so my clothes didn't get wet when the small waves hit. 

It was a relaxing fun day for me~~ I should go to festivals more often, hehe. But now that the weekend's over it's school time again. 

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