Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love Cake Candy & Chocolate 3D Fake Nails (eBay Review)

 (Missing a thumbnail because I wore it out before taking pictures and lost one already, haha.)

  • The rhinestones are securely glued
  • The charms are good quality; the color doesn't scratch off or fade
  • The size is perfect and fits well on my nails
  •  There is gel on the backside of the nail that doesn't adhere well; in order to apply the nail glue, you need to scrape it off
  • A few of the charms fell off easily
  • Two of the nails aren't smooth at the tips and needs filing
I recently received my entire haul from eBay a few days ago but my favorite one to find in the mail is probably these fake nails!! I've never worn fake nails before and I never planned to because my nails were always long and I thought they wouldn't fit or it'd damage them. But before I came home to this lovely package, three of my nails chipped/broke during school.. ( ´△`) so I gave in and cut them as short as they could possibly be. But I applied these nails an hour after~ It came with glue and stickers. I.. don't really know what the white stickers are for but I picked up a few of the nails and there was a sticky gel on it and I applied it without the glue. I wasn't particular about it, though. The gel was thick and the nails moved around. Within a day, a few of the nails fell off so I scraped the gel off and re-applied it with nail glue and it fit better. Another complaint I have is that the charms (ice cream, cake, and flower) fell off but I put them back with super glue. When applying the nails for the first time, I recommend you wear them on a day you stay home so you won't lose the charms that fall off. For the price and design, overall, I'm really happy with them but it requires some effort with fixing/maintaining them. I might purchase again from the same seller, but only if I'm in love with the design.
 (The nails match my phone case!)

When I wore them out, it lasts 3 days before at least one of the nails fall off.. Not sure if it's the glue or because I've been careless with my hands recently. 

Bye for now~

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