Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DIY - Lace Floral Cat Headband

I'm working on my senior project and I can do anything I want for it, so, with my love for fashion and being too broke to shop for pretty things all the time, I decided to make my own accessories and clothes. I even have full fashion coordinates done! Part of my project is showing my process so I'll be posting a lot of DIYs on what I made-- but seriously this is so fun to do, even once I graduate I'm going to keep making DIYs and posting them here! This one turned out so well, I'm very happy with the results. ^^ After surfing the internet and drooling over accessories in online stores, I saw something that I could easily replicate myself-- and I was right, it's really easy.

Things you'll need :
Fabric color of choice (I used sheer white)
Plain Headband
Mini Flowers
Hot Glue Gun

First off, start with your headband base and take your wire and wrap it around the headband three or so times to secure it. Create a triangle shape to represent ears and continue to overlap the wire a few times. For mine, the ears are 2 inches in height and there were 6 layers of wire to make the ears sturdy. Hotglue where the wire hugs the headband so it doesn't move around. Next, take your white fabric and wrap it around the headband base first, don't include the ears.

Add hotglue to length of the headband and then wrap the fabric around the hotglue areas. Move onto the ears next.

Take the lace and glue it behind the ears. Instead of putting the lace straight on, fold it over itself every half inch to make it look ruffled.

Using the same white fabric, I cut out triangles which are roughly the same size of the ears. Since the fabric is thin and sheer, I used 3 layers. If your fabric is thick, only use 1 or 2 layers. Then glue it behind the ears and the lace.

 Next, take small flowers (I bought these at Walmart) and arrange them before you glue it. The flowers came with small green petals, but I cut them off because it made the final result look messy-- some of the petals covered half of a flower. Spread hotglue generously on the fabric base and stick the flowers as bunched up as possible, making sure there is no gaps or empty space left.

 This is optional, but it certainly makes the headband look pretty and make the ears pop out. Place large rhinestones around the ears, leaving 1/4 inch between each one.

And there you have it~ You're done~ Only took me half an hour to make and $5 worth of materials from my local stores. Of course it's all customizable-- you can have bear ears, devil ears, etc. I'll be making more headbands in the future and uploading them shortly. This is the first DIY I've ever made, but I'll be sure to improve my explanations and step by step pictures. ^^

Bye for now~

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Balboa Park Sakura Festival

This is a late post of the event so I don't recall the date, but the Sakura Festival was postponed for a week because of rainy weather. So when I went, the flowers were in bloom, but not as much as the peak of the season. I'm not complaining, though. My first time seeing sakura was memorable and I used my new camera for the first time to take good quality pictures! ^^ 
(Picture heavy post. When first entering, there was a little house with tables set up and chairs around a small stage for a tea ceremony. In one of the tables, a lady was doing cute watercolor bookmarks for free!)

(It's hard to take selcas without a front facing camera, haha.)

 (Hello to you, omg.)
(All the flowers look so pretty~)


(This is the first time I tried takoyaki and I love it~ It's like a savory mochi, hehe.)
(Taiyaki for dessert!!!)

(Here's my friend who accompanied meeee. He's the one who told me about this whole event and even let me in for free~)
(Apparently this is a dry river. With or without water, it looks pretty ^^)

(Wahh this day was fun~ And afterwards we went on a candy shopping haul and then had a hangout at my other friend's house and played Brawl until late at night~)

Bye for now~

Friday, May 2, 2014

BOY London Sweater (eBay Review)

Yes, it's an imitation, but this is eBay and I don't expect any more~ The design looks pretty solid and considering the thickness of the fabric, it was worth $11. The color is more cream/off white. Overall, I'm happy with this~

 (The inside feels like fleece.)

  • Thick material + it's warm
  • The design is printed on well-- doesn't seem like the print will fade or peel off
  • Neckline isn't too tight or loose
  • One and only con that bothers me-- the cuffs/hem of the sleeves and on the bottom of the sweater are too tight. It makes it difficult to put on and take off. The sleeves are a bit uncomfortable as well and I can't roll them up when the weather gets too warm or I need to wash my hands. ;;
I love love love the simplicity of the design and now I have a new addition to my white sweater family! (Second white sweater I own to date). Maybe one day I can buy a real BOY London sweater for like.. $100. ; A ;
 (Recently I went on a field trip to Santa Monica and found a store that carried popular yet hard to find brands such as BOY London, Doc Martens and more!<3 The price tag of this beanie made me cry. $50??)

Bye for now~