Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Balboa Park Sakura Festival

This is a late post of the event so I don't recall the date, but the Sakura Festival was postponed for a week because of rainy weather. So when I went, the flowers were in bloom, but not as much as the peak of the season. I'm not complaining, though. My first time seeing sakura was memorable and I used my new camera for the first time to take good quality pictures! ^^ 
(Picture heavy post. When first entering, there was a little house with tables set up and chairs around a small stage for a tea ceremony. In one of the tables, a lady was doing cute watercolor bookmarks for free!)

(It's hard to take selcas without a front facing camera, haha.)

 (Hello to you, omg.)
(All the flowers look so pretty~)


(This is the first time I tried takoyaki and I love it~ It's like a savory mochi, hehe.)
(Taiyaki for dessert!!!)

(Here's my friend who accompanied meeee. He's the one who told me about this whole event and even let me in for free~)
(Apparently this is a dry river. With or without water, it looks pretty ^^)

(Wahh this day was fun~ And afterwards we went on a candy shopping haul and then had a hangout at my other friend's house and played Brawl until late at night~)

Bye for now~

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