Friday, May 2, 2014

BOY London Sweater (eBay Review)

Yes, it's an imitation, but this is eBay and I don't expect any more~ The design looks pretty solid and considering the thickness of the fabric, it was worth $11. The color is more cream/off white. Overall, I'm happy with this~

 (The inside feels like fleece.)

  • Thick material + it's warm
  • The design is printed on well-- doesn't seem like the print will fade or peel off
  • Neckline isn't too tight or loose
  • One and only con that bothers me-- the cuffs/hem of the sleeves and on the bottom of the sweater are too tight. It makes it difficult to put on and take off. The sleeves are a bit uncomfortable as well and I can't roll them up when the weather gets too warm or I need to wash my hands. ;;
I love love love the simplicity of the design and now I have a new addition to my white sweater family! (Second white sweater I own to date). Maybe one day I can buy a real BOY London sweater for like.. $100. ; A ;
 (Recently I went on a field trip to Santa Monica and found a store that carried popular yet hard to find brands such as BOY London, Doc Martens and more!<3 The price tag of this beanie made me cry. $50??)

Bye for now~

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