Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY - Decoden and Cute School Supplies!

Truth be told, I still haven't started school yet but I'm really enjoying my 3+ month summer break!! (Even though summer ended already~) My college schedule is just a little out of the norm-- I start in October. ^^ Anyway, onto the decoden inspired DIY! Warning, this is picture heavy.

 I forgot to mention scissors and tape and any other decorations, ribbons, lace, pictures, etc will help make a difference to how cute it'll turn out. 

 For reference:
  • Rilakkuma container (pencil holder) is candy from a Japanese market
  • DAP Silicon and silicon gun is from Home Depot
  • Stickers are from Daiso and a few I purchased at AX from the Art Alley
  • Rhinestones are from Ebay 
  • Leave the silicon to dry for at least 2 full days.
  • Cover up any flaws/mistakes/bubbles with rhinestones and stickers.
  • When covering up the front of the notebook, use gluestick instead of liquid glue or hot glue so it doesn't create any lumps or wrinkles the paper.
This is the cheapest silicon/caulk I could find. Make sure it's white and not clear. I purchased it at Home Depot for ~$1.50. There are a few cons because it's so cheap, sadly. :c When it dries, it hardens-- so much to the point where the decoden design could become pointy afterwards. Also, it's more of a greyish white rather than a creamy one and because the consistency is thick, it can be hard to squeeze out and may break the plastic bag. The last con is it's in a hard to open container. You'll need strong scissors and even a caulking gun to remove the silicon. However I have another method to remove the silicon if you don't own a gun. But the pros? IT'S REALLY REALLY CHEAP! And it comes with 11oz of the stuff! I think this is perfect for beginners and if you make mistakes, it's not a big deal.

 This is one of the best brands of silicon I've used. Also make sure you get white because it can come in clear or brown, but brown is good for chocolate decoden, too. The cons are it's expensive at ~$5 for only 5-6oz, yes, only half the amount as compared to the one stated above. However, it's easy to remove from the container and it has an amazing finish. It dries glossy and it stays squishy when it's dry. The only downside is when it dries, it's still a bit sticky so I recommend covering it with baby powder once it fully dries to remove any stickiness. Sometimes it can stick to dust and hairs and dirt so you'll want to get rid of it as soon as possible before taking your decoden out.

 For those who don't have a caulking gun, here's an alternative to open up those hard plastic containers. ^^ Make sure to put it under a paper towel to keep your craft area clean. You'll need a ridged knife that isn't used in the kitchen. Cut the container in half. Instead of cutting straight through, pierce the sides and rotate until all the plastic is cut.

 Once it's cut, use a plastic knife to scrape out all the silicon from both halves. Having them in halves can be convenient because half can fill up a pastry bag by itself and you can save the rest for later projects. 

 Prepare the pastry bag and cut a hole at the tip to fit the star-shaped decorating tip.
 Insert the decorating tip and tape around it so it blocks any spaces where the silicon could spill out and to keep the tip in place.
 Squeeze out your silicon into the pastry bag and fill it up 3/4 to the top. Then, twist the top of the bag and start decorating!
 For my pencil holder, I'm going to decoden the top edge. Position the pastry bag 45 degrees and pipe out the silicon. It should be thick when starting and thinning out at the end. Then repeat the process until the entire edge is covered. Here's a video for some piping methods.

 This one is almost completed! While the decoden cream is still wet, add stickers/rhinestones/charms as you desire and push them firmly into the cream. Tip-- don't pipe the decoden off to one side because when it dries, it could droop and fall off.
 For this small box, I covered the design with white paint and then piped the silicon with the same method as above and made sure the rows were as close as possible with no gaps.
 Then add stickers and rhinestones!
 Here's another finished decoden'd container, so I added fake flowers.
 Cut off the knobs of the flowers so that they stand flat.
 Press them firmly into the silicon, including a few of the petals so they're more stable and won't fall off.
 Adding to the flower's color scheme, I put pastel pink and purple rhinestones for the remaining space.
 To pick up small rhinestones, you can use a rhinestone pencil or in my case, a white eyeliner pencil from my local drugstore that I don't use anymore. It works just the same since the tip is sticky.
 Here, I decoden'd a small glass container that I later used as a ring holder. Bows make great decorations, too~
 Ahh.. my old 5 subject notebook from middle school. Time to cute-ify it! I tore out any used pages and removed those ugly stickers. (See that orange one? Yeah, it's a foot sticker.)
 I applied glue stick to the entire front and covered it with cardstock rather than regular printer paper because it was too thin and the black was still noticeable.
 Smooth out the paper and make sure the edges of the paper don't stick out. If the paper is too big, trim it~

 Add holes on the paper so it doesn't cover up the existing holes. It'll be easier to fit inside a binder, too.
 I used tissue paper as a design but you can color it or paint it instead. With the tissue paper, I used the same method to glue the paper down, except I do it in parts so there's no wrinkles.
 Smooth it out to remove any wrinkles or bubbles.
 Leave extra tissue paper on the edges .
 Glue them down on the opposite side for a clean finish.

 Since my paper was too small for the front of my notebook, I covered the remaining black showing with pink ribbon. I used hotglue.
 Here is my finished notebook! I added a Princess Celestia sticker and framed it with decoden.
 Here's a cute notebook design using polaroids. ^^ You can use your own polaroids, print pictures, or buy them at Typo like me!
 Repeat the steps above to cover the notebook and add a background. Then hotglue or gluestick the polaroids and cover the edges with decoden cream.
Top them off with rhinestones and bows. 
 There's no tutorial for these notebooks, but here are the others I completed during my project! Hopefully you can use these as inspiration~

Bye for now~