Monday, July 27, 2015

Sock Outfits! (Part 1)

So, I decided to make a few outfits inspired by socks that I received from Japan! My friend shipped them to me while she was vacationing as a small souvenir. They're cute and pastel, so I tried to match them with light pinks and blues~
Okay I lied!! Not all of them are from Japan; the pink and blue long socks are from a booth at Anime Expo, but hey it still counts as Japanese fashion. :) 
I made my own homemade photoshoot set.. haha. This is honestly my first photoshoot so I was just testing out some cute decor and poses, but I think they turned out alright~
First one is a summer-esque, casual outfit!

Second is kawaii/cute-inspired with pastel colors~

There's more to come! I'll have an outfit done with each pair of socks :)
 I had fun with this whole process-- I wanna try doing it again sometime with different styles!
Bye for now~

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