Friday, July 31, 2015

Sock Outfits! (part 2)

Here's the second set of clothes! I realized that rather than making one outfit per sock pair, I grouped up some similar color schemes instead :) I got a little carried away with the cat prop in this one, haha. The first outfit is more casual and neutral, so it's something I can wear daily.

I absolutely love this pastel outfit! Fairy kei is always something I've wanted to strive for, but it's difficult to get a good coordinate with limited items. But I finally gathered enough pieces, especially with this KokoKim top. It was expensive.. but one of my best purchases yet. I love Japanese fashion brands. :)

Anddddd good night! Truthfully I pulled an allnighter tonight so I'm a bit out of it. ^^ I went to AX again and ordered a few more accessories online, so I've doubled up my sock collection since then. I'll try doing this again!

Bye for now~

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